Monday, May 5, 2014

Old School Dungeons: Volume 1

Hey everyone, the Crypt Thing stirs again!

I've recently put a pack of dungeon maps up for sale over at

The pack contains 3 multi-level dungeon maps:

  • Kobold Hall: a killer dungeon filled with twisting halls and deadly traps

  • Caves of the Under Dwellers: a system of natural caves and subterranean ponds

  • Fane of the Twin Godlings: a mysterious temple devoted to twin deities

If you are in need of some quick dungeon maps for your games, go check it out!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kingdom of Auctoria

I've been spending a lot of time world-building of late. After quite the hiatus, I'm going to start Dungeon Mastering again, running a monthly D&D Next campaign set in my homebrew world of Serantum.
It's been 20 years since the great wizard-kings of Glindor set their continent afloat and disappeared from the world below. In the wake of this great ascension the great Demon Rift was created, an enormous scar left upon the surface of the world and a gateway to the Underworld beneath. The demons of the Underworld have surged forth in unending numbers and savaged the surface world. The world of Serantum is now a grim and dangerous place, a ruined reflection of past glories.
To the west of the Rift Sea lies the kingdom of Auctoria, a lone bastion of civilization in an otherwise ruined world. This is where our story will begin. 

I'm pretty pleased with how this map came out and look forward to mapping the rest of my world and getting back into the DM seat. I hope you enjoy!


Crypt Thing