Saturday, July 28, 2012

Silenus - Vrock Lich

Well, sadly I haven't been very active on this blog lately. My backlog of maps (ones that are composed entirely of my own work and that are of sufficient quality to share) has been exhausted, and all the work I've been doing recently has been for projects that I can't share (yet).

So here is a sneak peak at one of the illustrations for a 4e dungeon I've been writing. I've altered and expanded upon the Saw-themed dungeon I talked about in an earlier post. I plan on sharing the finalized adventure here on Crypt Thing. It's been a painstakingly slow process, but I wanted to share something with you. So here is my illustration of the Vrock Lich, Silenus.

Even if you can't wait until I complete my adventure, I hope you can get some use out of this guy.

Game on,