Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cavern of the Shard

This was the capstone encounter of the first adventure in my old Shadows of Asteron campaign.

After defeating a mad goblin shaman, the players found this adjacent cave housing the corrupting influence that was twisting the local goblin population. Attracted by the fallen shard of a powerful primordial being, foul creatures had emerged from the far realm and invaded the minds of the weak-willed goblins.

After defeating the fell taints lairing here, the players were left with the primordial shard. Not trusting the authorities of Drysdale Keep, the party debated their next course of action. Should they take it to the dwarven artisans of Dunderhelm to get it fashioned into a weapon or take it the sages of White Lotus Academy in Basillon in hope of some clarity? They ultimately brought it to Basillon but found the mages there to be less than trustworthy.

Game on,


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