Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tower of the Blood Mage - Level 1

13 nights ago, when the winds fell silent and the moon turned blood red, a mysterious tower emerged amongst the sandy dunes of the Cindersand Desert. What mysteries lie in waiting behind the doors of this ominous structure?

Who among you has the courage to brave the Tower of the Blood Mage?

It has pained me that I haven't had the time to tend to this blog. Working full time while pursuing a professional designation hasn't left me with much time for gaming or mapping.

That said, I now have several sessions of D&DNext under my belt, and I have to say I still love it. I love the rules-light, fast-paced, "theatre-of-the-mind" (for lack of a better term), style of game we've been playing. I'm eager for more.

I've begun to detail a new campaign world for when I run a full-blown D&DNext campaign in the future. So I'll have maps for that setting coming down the pipe when the setting starts to crystallize and take shape.

Also, I've started to map out an adventure location, The Tower of the Blood Mage. I think my dungeon mapping is starting to greatly improve. I think I'm hitting a satisfying mix of old-school mapping elements and illustrative detail and style. I'd love to hear what you think.

Game on,

Crypt Thing


  1. Love it! Definitely adding this to my maps folder.

  2. Thanks, guys!

    I'll be sharing more levels of this tower as I create them.

  3. i guess it goes without saying, but i love it

  4. Never hurts to hear it, man!

    I'm a neurotic artist eternally craving constant validation :)

  5. Hey man! Love your Photoshop maps! I'm a fellow D&D/cartography geek and was wondering if you could talk a bit on your blog about how you made stuff like The Inner Gate Room and Basillon - did you draw some of it by hand and scan it, did you use a graphic pad/pen, did you draw every single rectangle/house individually, how did you print it and on what paper/material, etc?
    C. Hammer, Denmark

    1. Thanks!

      I've been asked this before so I think I'll put together a post on my process. A WIP type tutorial on how I put together a city/town map.

  6. I love these. What stats do the monsters take in D&DNext so far? Are they like 4e, or did they go back to 3.5 or before, or do something entirely different?