Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FTDM Toronto 2: Hell on Earth

Fourthcore TeamDeath Match is returning to Toronto!

Conan the Destroyer by Frank Frazetta

While the first Toronto Tournament may have suffered a low turnout, it did manage to stoke the flames of interest. Those flames have now grown into a blazing inferno that cannot be stopped. As such, another FTDM tournament is headed north of the border.

On July 14th (12pm), at the Hairy Tarantula North (6979 Yonge st., North York, ON) we’re hosting another tournament of competitive player-versus-player D&D. So assemble a team, create your characters and get ready for an unending cycle of eternal death and carnage!

Character creation rules as well as an overview of the format can be found at the FTDM website.

The tournament will consist of three 1 hour rounds on the following maps:

Round 1 – E1M2: The Citadel

To secure your spot in the tournament please email me at rwaluchow at gmail dot com.

See you on the killing floor!

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